“Wolvie” - Hybrid Heroes Series

  • “Wolvie” - Hybrid Heroes Series

Wolvie is the first release of the new “Hybrid Heroes” series by Savior Patchworx. This LIMITED EDITION series combines the many qualities from heroes we love, and at times the villains, all into one unique, creative creature.

Wolvie is a parody of what our favorite X bro might look like if he was combined with a certain pizza lovin’ turtle! Lol. This is the first of many fun mash-ups coming your way, in the “Hybrid Heroes” series!

This Wolvie patch is limited to 100 patches made, nearly 4” in size, has a rigid hook backing, and features some of the highest quality embroidery available on the market. Plus, each patch from Savior Patchworx is guaranteed to be an original illustration by our founder, whose career has spanned over 25 years in comic art.

Limited to 3 patches per person, per order.

Find your inner hero. Fear No Evil.